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The Columbus Empowerment Zone is defined as a 21-census tract region that contains 13.96 square miles and a population of approximately 64,000 - 9.98 percent of Columbus' 1990 population. Current Census data seems to indicate that the Empowerment Zone population has shrunk 13% since 1990 to approximately 54,000.

The Compact currently relies on 1990 and 2000 Census information and projections from national demographics firm Claritas.

The Empowerment Zone incorporates all of the original Enterprise Community tracts plus three new tracts. Two of these tracts were added to maintain the continuity of their neighborhoods. The third area added is located on the west side of downtown Columbus (Franklinton) and has recently become the beneficiary of a floodwall that will prevent future flooding and thereby increase the attractiveness of the area for revitalization. 

Empowerment Zone census tracts were chosen based on the following criteria:

    Level of economic distress
    Opportunity potential
    Programmatic and functional integration with areas in the Enterprise Community
    The geography of neighborhood identity
    Contiguity with existing Enterprise Community boundaries
    Maximizing the total number of persons benefiting from Empowerment Zone status
    Extending benefits to neighborhoods not included in the 1994 Enterprise Community

These areas were included to:

  • Extend the Empowerment Zone to incorporate the development opportunities along the Main Street and Livingston Avenue corridors to leverage additional resources along these major commercial districts.

  • The Main Street area has seen a great deal of revitalization over the past seven years through the Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization (NCR) initiative. The City of Columbus recently completed its capital improvement project along Livingston Avenue.

  • Add the Franklinton area, which now presents a significant opportunity for economic revitalization due to the construction of a floodwall, the new Center of Science and Industry (COSI) the Columbus Arena District and additional Riverfront Development.

The Empowerment Zone is geographically located within seven Franklin County zip codes:

43201 | 43203 | 43205 | 43209 | 43211 | 43215 | 43219 | 43222

Source: Franklin County Auditor

Empowerment Zone Maps
EZ Commission Overlay EZ and Zip Code Overlay
EZ Map (11x17) EZ Map in relation of Franklin County





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